About Us


we are obsessed with outdoor sports and found our happiness in it, we believe the best way to harness this happiness is by sharing it
so we launched our Searush entity to cover the whole spectrum, and to be a source of happiness to who is ready to come and share it with us

Our Mission is to be the outdoor Sports users most customer-centric company,
to build a place where they can come to find and discover anything related to the outdoor sports they might want to buy online

Our Mission is to Provide our customers with all the outfits they need while they are enjoying their Adventure sports
This Outfits is to provide them with the protection they need from all the various thread they might face , Sun , Rocks , Jelly fishes, Cold
As well as give them the good looking and attraction they need on the beach

Our mission is to stand alone by providing actual knowledge about the safest ways to practice the sport you picked and go to advanced level
your passion in different conditions, nevertheless not only to practice it but to go beyond and be a pro and join our Searush community


To be the online destination for outdoor gear

To have own fashion team & warehouse that manufacturer our products according to the latest designs and technology and distribute it around the globe
Sponsor the world greatest surfers and the sports influencers with our products

Our Vision is to facilitate the SeaRush Community their travel around the world without worry about carrying their gear with them
Create a community that any surfer will be keen and proud to be part of It
Host our Yearly contest


We believe that the safety of our customers always comes first, second & third, so we always test the gear first before start selling it, give our students with the necessary knowledge and procedure to stay safe

Each product of Searush Production was designed with the customer in mind, to empower him go beyond his limits

we really care that a searusher will enjoy his session while still elegant and fashionable

we provide affordable adventure gear , and we don’t wish to bear additional cost to our customers ,In fact we are trying to promote their enjoyment with the sports
so it’s very important to us that anyone can afford our prices

Quality & Durability
As we aware with the different weather and geography factors that can ruin any gear , we are very care to pick the highest quality fabrics to our products so it last the longest time with our customers

we believe that knowledge is power , so we are care to give our students
the whole knowledge and hacks that will empower them to go enjoy their session on their own at any location and face any situation they might face under different conditions
Each equipment might be function under different circumstances , so we care to deliver the most detailed info for each item listed

Our relation with the student doesn’t end when he is able to practice his passion , but it extended to invite him to join our community and our activity to develop his skills

We don’t only limit our self with the basic standard courses but we do the advanced as well

Having fun is a very important factor in our learning process , so we make sure that every student enjoy to come and learn, we also have Satisfaction guarantee policy, under any circumstance you haven’t enjoy your session, we will return your money, no question asked.

We have our broad Curriculum that all our instructors are following and share it with the students to make sure that everyone them receive the desired amount of learning

We believe that very student ability might varies from another , that is why we designed flexible Curriculum that can customized to each students needs and make the best value in return to his money and time

Fast Delivery
We know how excited a SeaRusher can get to receive his new equipment and use it, so we make sure to deliver as fast as we can

Up To date
We are keen to provide our customers with all the new technology and products in the field