Airush Ak Kiteboard Binding Element


  • Premium ergonomic supportive foot straps.
  • Double molded direct impact footbed.
  • Angled adjustment straps for all foot shapes.

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  • The AK Element Binding sets the standard in comfort, durability and ergonomic support. Through extensive research into alignment and the natural movement of the rider’s ankles, knees and upper body during high impact riding and landings, the Dual Molded Direct Impact Footbed was developed. The two-piece, dual-density molded design features an ultra-comfortable, lower-density upper with extra cushioning on the lateral (outer) side of your foot, with a denser, more supportive impact-resistant layer on the medial (inner) side of the foot, your knees toward lead out during high impact landings. Common in running and athletic shoes, this technology provides the best support and stability while minimizing the risk of fatigue and injury. 
  • The variable angle adjustment strap works in conjunction with the directional grooves to keep your foot firmly in place. This, in combination with the adjustable rubber molded tongue, allows you to fine-tune the AK Element Binding to your specific foot shape and create the ultimate connection to the board.

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