AK wing board Compact V2

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  • The Compact wingboard has been fully optimized for wingboarding, with its highly concentrated volume, and low swing weight.
  • Maneuver oriented shape with a parallel outline.
  • Wide top rails with a high apex rail for stability.
  • Narrow bottom for high-speed turning.
  • 4'10
  • 5'2

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Perfect for intermediate to advanced wing riders in lighter conditions, the stable platform and centralized volume create a board that is easy to throw around when jumping and doing progressive maneuvers.




You’ll find the complete Compact dimensions and user guide at the bottom of the post, but first, we break down the shape technology:


akdurablesupplyco-AK_Compact_Shape-FeaturesThe AK Compact Wingboard v2News


Compact Strap & Insert Positions

The Compact Wingboards feature reinforced footstrap inserts with a number of forwards or backwards positions, with a 2.5cm (1”) spacing. This enables the rider to be further forwards or backwards on the board, relative to their preferred stance width and foil position.

The front strap has the option of being mounted over the center line of the board, or with a double or single strap at a 45-degree angle. The rear strap can be mounted over the center line of the board, or offset to the left or right. This insert pattern allows for left or right foot forward riding off to one side of the deck or a single strap angled slightly over the center line.

The US Box foil mount on the bottom deck allows for quick and easy assembly and micro trim adjustment. These inserts are compatible with any standard 9 x 16.5cm foil plate system and are connected through to the deck of the board with high density inserts.

Kitting: The Compact is shipped standard with 1 x single Ether footstrap, and 1 x Ether V footstrap.

akdurablesupplyco-AK 22 23 Compact Footstrap Positions 3The AK Compact Wingboard v2News

Recommended Footstrap Screws: M6 self-tapping screws, 22 – 28mm long, depending on the thickness of your straps.


GORE Auto Vent

akdurablesupplyco-AK Foilboard Gore Auto ValveCompact Wingboard

GORE auto vents provide a waterproof and breathable solution, thanks to their proprietary GORE Membrane. This breathable membrane has a microporous structure that allows air and gases to pass through freely, so pressures are equalized, and moisture diffused before problems arise.

Key Updates

The Compact v2 shapes are all a fair amount narrower than the v1. The larger sizes are 1.5” (3.8cm) narrower, and the smaller sizes are around 0.8” (2cm) narrower. This improves the throw around factor and the glide, and although you do lose a bit of stability, they are still relatively wide. We have also pulled the nose in and rounded it slightly to help it release while riding or doing more progressive jumping. We have added new sizes to the Compact in the 36L and 46L to appeal more to the high wind or lighter weight Freestyle rider.


akdurablesupplyco-AK_Compact_User-GuideThe AK Compact Wingboard v2News

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