Core Union Pro 4 Pads and Straps


  •  Meet our Union Pro pads & straps with an improved, high-vis strap.
  • We like the split strap design for its ridiculous customization options.
  • It gives independent form-fitting adjustability to your forefoot and midfoot.

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  • Each half of the split straps is independently micro-adjustable with its own set of velcros.
  • You can adjust the angle of your feet in 11 different ways to lock in your preferred stance and move your pad closer or further away from the board edge.
  • The strap also sports 2cm of pad adjustability fore and aft to accommodate all foot sizes.
  • We know, thats an insane amount of customization.
  • We just want to make sure it fits everyone.
  • The Union Pro also features subtle changes to materials and design.
  • We improved the footbed densities to prevent foot slippage and increase comfort.
  • The pad ridges encourage feet to slip in and stay put.
  • Are these pads & straps the easiest to adjust and best fitting? We think so.

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