LEZYNE Bicycle Computer Macro Easy GPS


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LEZYNE Bicycle Computer Macro Easy GPS

Switch on and drive off, speed measurement can be so easy. You do not have to calibrate or adjust anything. All necessary information is provided by this Lezyne bike computer.

The assembly on the stem or handlebar is done by means of O-rubber rings uncomplicated and without tools. On the easy-to-read display, you can view all important data. The individual menu pages are individually configurable, so that the information relevant to you can be called up quickly.
Included on board are the cycling-typical functions, such as speed, distance, altitude measurement and driving time. With optional chest strap or cadence sensor, which are connected via Bluetooth with the device, you can also retrieve your performance data. All this information is storable and can be analyzed via the free Lezyne GPS Root software. In addition, there is also the possibility to plan routes in advance and to transfer them to the bike computer. With the Bread Crumb navigation, you then know at any time, where you are currently on the track, without having to constantly look at maps or your smartphone.
In order to keep the orientation even at night, a backlight can be switched on for the display. The battery has a maximum runtime of 28 hours and is charged on the PC, via a suitable charger or on the power bank via USB cable.


– Speed: current, average, maximum
– Distance: daily kilometer, total kilometer
– Height: current, ascent overall, descent overall
– Time: travel time, time
– temperature
– Battery level indicator
– Display GPS signal strength
– with optional chest strap: heart rate: current, average, maximum, calorie consumption
– with optional cadence sensor: Cadence: current, average

– extremely accurate data acquisition via GPS (altitude, speed, distance)
– Connection via Bluetooth
– 4 customizable pages with data
– Bread-crump navigation
– High resolution, backlit display
– easy operation of the four buttons
– Lithium-polymer battery allows a runtime up to 28 hours
– USB rechargeable with micro USB cable
– up to 100 hours mount time

Technical specifications:

Material: Plastic
Dimensions (LxWxH): 42.9 mm x 67.8 mm x 27.5 mm
Display dimensions: 31.7 mm x 40.1 mm
Battery: Lithium polymer
Battery life: up to 28 h
Memory: max. up to 100 hours mount time
GPS: yes
Transmission: Bluetooth
Color: Black

Weight according to the manufacturer: 76g
Weight weighed: 70g (including mounting hardware), 85g (included)

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